Schools and Partners

E-Learning Municipal Network University was created in December 2014. In participation of:

Local Government Research Center

Nonprofit organization “Local Government Research Center” (LGRC) was founded by the Russian National Congress of Municipalities in 2007. Its main goal is to support the development of regional and local government by project implementation in education, research and publishing areas.

EduArea is an IT company started in 2011. It specializes in teaching methods, technology and software development for online and distant education. Its portfolio includes product creation and online educational content delivery systems based on its original training methods and own platform solutions and design. The company has clients among universities and commercial businesses in Russia and abroad. It runs a number of its own educational projects.

RNCM — Russian National Congress of Municipalities

RNCM is the main country organization representing municipalities of the Russian Federation. RNCM was founded in 2006 by 83 Regional Associations of Municipalities aimed to foster the Municipal and Regional Associations of Municipalities cooperation, and to represent and lobby the mutual interests of the Russian municipal sector. With the goal to represent these interests at the federal level government and to develop collaboration of Russian municipalities with the international organizations and foreign legal entities.

“Municipal Russia” magazine is an official publication of RNCM

Municipal Russia – is an information and policy magazine of the Local Government in Russia. It offers exclusive publications of official commentaries by the federal government to the specific municipal queries. During its seven years in the market it has earned a solid reputation of the leader in the Russian media on local government issues. It is published since 2009.

All municipalities in six Russian regions have subscribed to the magazine for the regular professional updates and current field information.

Tumen State University

TSU is one of the leading universities in Russia. It is located in the City of Tumen ranked sixth in Siberia and 59th in the country. The university was opened on January 1st, 1973. Its teaching staff consists of 1200 people, among them 145 are doctorate level, 511 are pre-doctorate. The university offers different types of studying: full-time, part-time, evening, distance, online, BA and MA, PhD, professional development.

Total number of students is over 8000 undergraduate students and over 10000 distance learning students, with over 6500 taking classes in branches and representative institutions, over 350 receiving double degrees and over 7500 taking classes online.